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Coverage Dates

Most Import 2 Dates

Nov 1, 2016 Open Enrollment

Enroll By Nov 1, 2016 for Jan 1,2016  Effective Date


Open Enrollment Ends Jan 31,2017

These are the Benefits Going Inforce 1-1-2017

Individual mandate takes effect.
Employer mandate takes effect [note: suspended by Obama IRS].
Federal exchange premium subsidies flow [note: income verification checks suspended by Obama IRS].
Guaranteed issue mandate takes effect.
Community rating mandate takes effect.
Minimum essential coverage rules take effect.
Actuarial value mandate takes effect.
Minimum Essential Benefits ( Click Here for List).
Health insurance deductible limits mandate takes effect.
Maximum out-of-pocket limit mandate takes effect.
Medicare Advantage medical loss ratio (MLR) price control takes effect.
Medicaid expansion takes effect [note: made optional for states by the Supreme Court] Health insurance tax takes effect.
Temporary Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) expires.
Temporary reinsurance program for retiree coverage expires.

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